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Founded in 1995, The Trading Circle is a not-for-profit organisation that creates economic and educational opportunities for women and girls to reach their full potentional.

Locally we aim to provide a space that encourages connection and inclusivity. We work to inspire change by sharing our values, story and products through ethical trade, educational programs and by actively working within the community.  We have a store in Summer Hill, NSW which sells unique fair trade products including toys, homewares, bags, jewellery, scarves, cards and more.

Globally we aim to empower women and girls in developing countries to trade their way out of poverty with dignity.  We help to estabish sustainable economic opportunities and aim to foster independence and self sufficiency.  We work with six Producer Groups in Thailand and the Philippines.

  • The Welcome House
  • The Alay Kapwa Co-Op
  • The Hands of Hope Centre
  • The Fatima Centre
  • The Regina Centre
  • The Chiang Rai Good Life Centre

The Trading Circle is a registered charity and is part of Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand which is a social justice organisation that works to interrupt the intergenerational cycle of disadvantage for women and girls.  

02 9798 0373

27 Lackey St

Summer Hill

NSW 2130

Unfortunately, the Brisbane events model has closed down since 3rd November 2017.  If you have any queries about products you are interested in, please contact the Sydney office at the above number.
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