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Our Story

Our goal is ambitious:

To act locally.

To act globally.

To change the world, by empowering one woman at a time.

The Trading Circle is a not-for-profit organisation creating economic and educational opportunities for women and girls, enabling them to reach their full potential. Locally we are building an inclusive community, inspiring change by sharing our values, our story and products through ethical trade, education and other programs. In Sydney we operate a store that sells fair trade products, a communal eatery that empowers refugees, and we offer a diverse range of educational programs both in schools and in our store. Globally we empower women and girls in the Asia-Pacific to trade their way out of poverty with dignity. We establish sustainable economic opportunities, strengthen capacity building, and foster independence and self-sufficiency. We work with six producer groups — the women in each group make unique, hand-crafted products and are provided a range of services including education, counselling, accommodation and crisis care.

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