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Small Bag Made From Recycled Phone Books

Beautiful woven bags made from both the White Pages and Yellow Pages.

Phone books are collected, cut into strips, woven and lacquered to create a sturdy and strong bag.

Colours will vary as both the Yellow and White Pages are used. Feel free to let us know if you would prefer yellow or white when ordering however we cannot guarantee that this will be fulfilled.

Dimensions are 22cm x 29cm x 9cm

Strap length: 15cm

Made in the Alay Kapwa Cooperative which was founded in response to the tremendous poverty and lack of job opportunities available in the slums around the Philippines. The Centre provides health programs, educational scholarships and income generating projects where products are made using recycled materials which raises the quality of life for the women and their families.

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The Trading Circle is seeking volunteers who will sell on behalf of us at their school, business, church, home or uni. Consignments help to create another source of income for the Producers and raises the profile of The Trading Circle in places which it may not otherwise reach. Taking on a consignment is easy - simply contact us and we will pack up stock that can either be picked up or posted. Let people know that you will be selling our stock on a certain day and then take sales on behalf of us. Consignments are a great way to support Fair Trade and the women who produce our products. Email or phone us at Head Office or one of the stores to ask for more information.